Christopher Stura
Director – Technology Strategy & Architecture

Chris is a cloud specialist and open source advocate that has been involved in software engineering for over 25 years and still passionate about software engineering today runs the Jemo project for the eclipse foundation. At PwC, Chris helps customers to adopt public cloud technology, build cloud native applications using Kubernetes and design the distributed software systems that drive hyperscale computing.

Title: The convergence between Infrastructure and Software and how modern cloud native platforms enable the transition

Abstract: At PwC we had the advantage of entering the cloud arena once it had gained a level of maturity and were able to see how organisations started to focus on how cloud enabled a new breed of application.

Over time software and infrastructure have come closer and closer together where engineering teams are now designing for scalability, integrating seamlessly with the software infrastructure landscape and relying on infrastructure as code within the development lifecycle blurring the lines between software and infrastructure.

Learn how this new paradigm shift comes together to transform the way software is designed, build and run to take advantage of the hyperscale infrastructure that supports it and learn how to apply modern DevOps and SRE techniques to your organisation to drive cultural change and operational efficiency.