Crispin Read

CEO | Consultant | Trainer | Speaker (Tech Education, Apprenticeships)

The Coders Guild

20+ years in web/software dev. I head up The Coders Guild, giving UK companies access to a reliably brilliant talent pipeline of comprehensively trained tech apprentices, and a solid network of ongoing support. What fuels us is our strong social mission to discover and develop the tech industry’s future leaders from the UK’s most underrepresented groups, along with our absolute commitment to best-in-class, up-to-the-minute training.


Designing a Test Strategy for Serverless Applications

Serverless applications are cloud-native, highly distributed, event-driven, primarily asynchronous systems, typically composed of a mixture of business logic and managed infrastructure.

These attributes are all desirable when building and operating modern software applications that must be scalable, resilient and highly-available.

However, the test strategies and tools engineering teams applied to more traditional client-server applications are no longer fit-for-purpose.

It’s time to rethink the test pyramid, TDD and coverage. It’s time to move beyond pull requests, ephemeral environments, end-to-end tests.

This talk will explore how modern DevOps practices like, continuous delivery, observability and infrastructure-as-code can shape a serverless test strategy.

We will also look at techniques teams can use to design a test strategy to suit their own serverless workloads.