Dávid Jámbor

Director – Head of Global Cloud Technologies



David is the Head of Systems Engineering at Vodafone UK.

Technology Leader and Tech Enthusiastic. He is passionately building his teams through partnership, common vision, and data driven approaches.

David started his career 14 years ago at IBM, and had an amazing adventure through IT stacks and companies climbing the leader from Senior Engineer, to SRE manager, to Head of SRE…

2019, Vodafone asked David to help define the company’s DevOps strategy as Head of Systems Engineering, and it turned out to be an extraordinary journey which helped redefine the way we operate today at Digital, Vodafone.​


DevOps Mistakes – what can go wrong?


DevOps comes with many challenges, and some are easier to spot and overcome than others.

Mistakes are easy to make but harder to correct the later you realise them.

Walk through a series of events and real-life examples with me to explore the many obstacles you may face on your professional career and let’s see if we can overcome them together