Deb Bhattacharya

Scrum Master and Agile-DevOps Coach

Amazon Web Services

Over 20 years, Deb has passionately helped over 30 teams across 4 countries to be more Agile and DevOps. Deb’s other passion is Table Tennis. Deb has won many tournaments, but most importantly, Deb has coached tournament-winning Table Tennis teams. Deb uses all his experience from his hands-on software development background and his sports background to transform teams to Agile and DevOps.


Using Agile to build DevOps Culture

In the true Spirit of DevOps, we will look into options of bringing teams together using Agile tools and techniques. We will also have a sneak peak into a simple, easy to use Agile framework that is effortlessly bringing teams together in large organisations and delivering great outcomes. This workshop will be fun and thought provoking at the same time.