Deb Bhattacharya

Agile-DevOps Coach and Scrum Master
Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Over 20 years, Deb has passionately helped over 30 teams across 4 countries to be more Agile and DevOps. Deb’s other passion is Table Tennis. Deb has won many tournaments, but most importantly, Deb has coached tournament-winning Table Tennis teams. Deb uses all his experience from his hands-on software development background and his sports background to transform teams to Agile and DevOps.

Using Scaled Agile to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Technology Transformation is a challenge but fit-for-purpose Ways of Working is a bigger challenge for speedy Cloud Adoption that delivers ROI. In this session we will discuss how outcome driven collaborative Applied Agile Framework (AAF) has been used to transform teams and hence accelerate Cloud Transformation.