Deepak Selvaraj
Senior QA & DevOps Manager
Virgin WiFi (VMB)

As Head of Test and Deployment, I run a team of software testers, devOps engineers, automation engineers and core wireless network engineers responsible for delivering quality corporate and public WiFi service for more than 100 million Wi-Fi users every year across 120,000 UK hotel rooms, 32 airports, London street and many other public and corporate sites.

Followed to 4 plus years of software development experience; I pursued my Masters in Future computing with major focus on cloud security and artificial intelligence. With almost 5 years experience in leading telecoms based test and deployment teams to build B2B automation framework, orchestration platform and business automation tools; I also lead the cyber security remediation and release management for Virgin WiFi.

I am also a certified ISTQB, ITIL and Agile professional – currently my team and I are driving the change towards agile ITSM/DevOps for customer project deliveries and scrum based feature drops for product delivery with more focus on AI driven automation tools & implementing CI/CD pipeline across Virgin WiFi products.

In addition to strong technical knowledge and ability, my methodical and analytical mind is capable of interpreting complex data, analyzing problems and coming up with solutions. In fact, I was awarded 2 times (FY2017, FY2018) as ‘Virgin Sparkle’ further evidence of my creativity/leadership quality and “Arqiva Excellence Performer 2015” for playing a vital part in ensuring the quality of software products to multiple clients across the world.

I am also a frequent speaker in national software testing conferences across UK.



“We aren’t doing ITIL any more – we’re Agile/DevOps team now”. “We will automate and orchestrate everything.” “ITIL is too slow and too much documentation for us.” “We’re far too process driven and formal to do DevOps – it won’t happen here.” “We don’t allow changes in the platform without monthly CAB review”

Though it is not very common in small scale or start-up companies, we often hear such varying opinions in leading large scaled tech industries around DevOps and IT Service Management. In this session, we will look at the top 5 challenge organisations (mostly medium to large scale) face in marrying up the two.

The teams are often pitched against each other quite strongly to choose one or the other – so we are either a DevOps team or an ITIL team.  The same applies to any new concepts that is being brought into the IT market such as Digital Transformation, Agile, Lean etc.

Also, we would like to present few real examples of the challenges we faced within Virgin Media’s technology solutions area as part of this transformation and steps we managed to take to get from 3 release a year to 25 releases without any compromise in quality.