Domantas Jackūnas

Head of Engineering

After spending over a decade working with Startups and SMEs and delivering software and services to some of the largest Tier-1 banks, Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest medical organisations, Domantas is now working with as their Head of Engineering.

Having had a chance to spend time in all software development and delivery steps over his varied career, DevOps principles became the base for Domantas approach to software engineering.


Serverless – no longer the bleeding edge, but rather a trusty hammer.


Serverless is often loved or hated. I think it’s an incredibly powerful tool in anyone’s toolbelt. I’ll plead a case for serverless as a cost-saving tool, a performance boost, and a great first step when breaking apart monolith architectures. What it can’t do?! Well, we’ll look at that too.

This won’t be a how-to, as there is plenty of better information specific to your tech-stack online, but rather an overarching look at the technology and its use-cases for small and large jobs.