Elizabeth O’Neill
Leadership Mentor and Coach

I run towards fires, I love hard problems and difficult challenges. I thrive on helping people do things that they thought were impossible and watching them reach their potential.
After nearly 20 years of leading technical teams, projects and change I know that people are the key to everything.

I have had the pleasure of helping some exceptional people do extraordinary things. I’ve supported people new to management grow and develop into phenomenal leaders. I’ve helped people gain a greater understanding of what they want from their career and how to balance this with other areas of their life. I’ve helped entrepreneurs and senior executives focus on the important things to grow their businesses and I’ve helped people understand what is really important to them.

I have a real passion for inspiring people to reach their full potential while maintaining balance to enjoy life in general. I’m committed to shifting business culture: one person and one business at a time as the one size fits all approach to leadership development no longer works.


Innovation requires two very surprising ingredients.

Innovation is such a buzz word. Every company wants it, Every digital consultancy is talking about it and yet very few teams are actually achieving it.

I believe that this has a lot to do with people missing understand the nature of Innovation and that in many teams 2 key ingredients to help innovation flourish are missing.

The 2 ingredients are Trust and Positive Conflict.

In this talk, I explain why these two attributes are fundamental, what happens to teams where they are missing and what you can do to build them into your teams.