Ellie Kelsch

Application Engineer
The LEGO Group

Ellie has been an Application Engineer at The LEGO Group since early this year and has previously worked in the finch and cryptocurrency spaces. Her latest work includes working towards a digital transformation within her e-commerce team specifically around how they handle CI/CD pipelines and utilise new technologies. Her passions are centred around automation and developer experience and she enjoys being able to remove roadblocks from fellow engineers day-to-day work.


Alvaro Martinez Llamojha

Senior Infrastructure Engineer
The LEGO Group

Alvaro has been a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at The LEGO Group for over 3 years and has been working previously for London Startups as a DevOps Engineer. His passion is the cloud and he has been working with AWS, containers, server less, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring, and alerting. He is a big advocate for Infrastructure as Code and systems reliability.

CI/CD & Monorepos: Our Approach for LEGO.com

Managing multiple services within a monorepo can be challenging, even more so when those services need to be deployed individually. Join us as we talk through our CI/CD transformation for the e-commerce platform at LEGO.com.

As the number of services we manage has grown exponentially and our scalability needs have increased, we’ve had to rethink our approach to CI/CD. We’ll focus on some of the challenges and lessons learnt when dealing with a monorepo structure, how we’ve migrated to a new tool and our upcoming journey to continuous deployment.