Fahim Sachedina
QAOps Advocate
Global App Testing

Fahim Sachedina is passionate about helping companies lead quality in their organisation. He is a QA advocate who has interviewed hundreds of engineering professionals around their quality strategy.

He is part of the founding team of Global App Testing – a VC-backed crowdsourced testing platform with over 20,000 professional testers globally, which was selected as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United Kingdom.


Leading Quality: Lessons Learned from 120+ Agile and DevOps teams in delivering high-quality software

If you are reading this, it means three things:

  • You are already implementing DevOps methodologies in your company/ team, with varying degrees of success;
  • You are eager to improve your development velocity and aren’t achieving the results you want;
  • You are thinking about implementing a DevOps process but have no idea how you can maintain quality while releasing faster.

Because this is really what it’s all about: Speed. DevOps is synonymous with quick delivery cycles and even quicker releases.

But what about QA?

How often have you felt that quality and your customer needs have been compromised over speed?

It’s now time to re-think how to fit QA into your DevOps strategy.

In this talk you will discover:

  • Why QA, instead of being a bottleneck, should be the backbone of your DevOps strategy
  • How to make DevOps and QA co-exist in order to increase velocity, product quality and confidence for every release
  • Why in an era of automation and continuous testing, the human touch is still essential to deliver high-quality software
  • How to create and implement a “QAOps” culture in your team so that everyone can take responsibility for stability and quality