Gary Hallam

Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA



Are you DevOps Complete?

How can you fuel agile development without secure data automation?

Agile development and innovation can be hampered by technological and bureaucratic complexity. Getting the right data to the right developers can take weeks of manual effort. On top of that, there are security constraints. Developers need data that more closely reflects the production environment at different data lifecycle stages and for different scenarios, but that data also needs to be protected to safeguard personal user information. What if this could all be automated and provided with self-service controls?


Gary runs the Delphix Sales Engineering team in EMEA. He has an application development and consulting background and prior to joining Delphix he worked for Oracle in Spain, managing an EMEA-wide Sales Consulting team focused on Information and Database Security solutions. Gary has a long experience in IT, leading and implementing integration and CRM solutions across the world. Gary is passionate about delivering real business value through IT innovation.