Gary Hallam
Director, Partner Business EMEA

With over 30 years of experience in technology delivery, project management and sales, Gary is passionate about delivering real business value through innovative technology and data. An expert in data and data delivery, Gary has previously worked for Oracle, where he was responsible for delivering major projects around the world, BEA Systems, IBM and others.


Automate DevOps Data to Avoid S#!T LEFT and Achieve True CI/CD

Today’s business transformation pressures dramatically escalate the need for faster, more efficient and more effective innovation cycles. While automation appears almost everywhere across the SDLC, there is a huge DevOps data spanner in the works. Data for DevOps has stubbornly resisted attempts to move it at the new speed of CI/CD and business. Break through the last automation barrier — simplify and democratise accede to data-ready environments for faster scenario creation, discovery and data catalogue creation. Take advantage of a self-service wrapper, optimised for both humans and machines, to continuously synchronise, time-travel, share and replicate all data for DevOps. Your automation goals also become much easier to achieve, so you can fast-forward to DevOps and true CI/CD.