Gianni Ciolli
VP Solutions Architecture

Gianni Ciolli is the Vice President for Solutions Architecture at EnterpriseDB (EDB). As a PostgreSQL consultant, he has driven many successful enterprise deployments for customers in every part of the globe.

Gianni is respected worldwide as a popular speaker and trainer at many PostgreSQL conferences in Europe and abroad over the last 14 years. He has worked with free and open-source software since the 1990s as an active member of the community (Prato Linux User Group, and Italian PostgreSQL Users Group).

Title: Postgres DevOps practices at EDB

Abstract: EDB has benefited greatly in recent years by employing DevOps practices such as Test- Driven Development, repeatability and infrastructure as code.

Our customers receive a much improved customer experience through faster deployments of Postgres-based solutions, specified in a declarative language.

We achieve this with TPAexec, an orchestration tool built on top of Ansible for deploying Postgres clusters compliant with our Trusted Postgres Architecture (TPA).