Giulio Roggero

Co-founder and CTO


Giulio Roggero is an IT engineer and entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in software development. His main goal is to design and implement innovative IT platforms to execute successful digital transformation by reshaping monolith companies into digital native companies.


Currently, he is the Co-Founder & CTO at Mia-Platform, the Tech Company that is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, named as a Cool Vendor for Software Engineering Technologies in the 2021 Gartner Report and recognized for 4th years in a row in the Best Workplace Italy ranking.


How to stop Firefighting in DevOps teams and improve Developer Experience?


In far more IT departments than you would expect it frequently happens that, in the case that an issue is reported, Dev and DevOps teams start solving the problem adopting a fire fighting mode.

To avoid this dynamic, many organizations find it reasonable to transition to feature teams. But as feature team members, DevOps may not have a full understanding of each assignment or focus on non-core developments.

The answer is simpler than you may think: let’s start thinking about Developers as end users, abandoning the infrastructure-centric vision, and putting the Developer Experience (DevX) at the center of the deployment process.


The most effective tool to radically improve DevX is the Internal Developer Portal (IDP), a single portal that collects in one place all available services and tools available within the company.

By providing enhanced visibility, traceability, auditability, and observability across the whole DevOps cycle, the Internal Developer Portal helps DevOps teams to guarantee business continuity, security and DevOps evolution, while improving the collaboration with Dev Teams thanks to a better Developer Experience.

During this talk, Giulio Roggero, CTO at Mia-Platform, will disclose valuable tips for enabling this perspective shift, and for successfully implementing an Internal Developer Portal in your organization to improve the Developer Experience.