Gregory Ouillon

Gregory Ouillon

New Relic


Driving fast or driving blind? Innovate and scale fast with confidence

Businesses and Software teams are in the dark! To survive and thrive, they need to accelerate innovation, increase agility, and still deliver superior availability, quality, performance, and end-user experience.

New tech and practices allow to modernize and deploy fast and frequently, e.g. Cloud, DevOps, microservices, containers, serveless, and infrastructure-as-code. The gains are real, but with it comes a great deal of risk, complexity, volatility and fragmentation.
To ride the wave and stay on top, teams need new insight, they need to get full visibility across their stack and architecture in real-time, or they will fall behind. But how is this even possible and where do CxOs and Engineering leaders even start?
Greg Ouillon will discuss why too many businesses are still in the dark and need to embrace Observability. He will inspire IT leaders to look beyond individual services and IT fads, future-proof digital businesses and create hope and insight to survive and thrive in 2021.