Hemanshu Chauhan

Head of Quality Engineering & Assurance

Hemanshu Chauhan is a thought leader in Quality Engineering domain with a blend of DevOps and Development experience. He has been in industry for over 12 years and has helped many clients in achieving Quality Engineering enabled solutions in DevOps & Agile work environment. Hemanshu has been endorsed as Global Talent by Tech Nation UK society and is a famous coach on different IT platforms like Medium, Meetup, Academia etc.

“DevTestOps – How to Amulgamate Continuous Testing with DevOps”

Importance of Topic (DevTestOps):

This topic can help industries/companies to implement continuous integration & deployment with a flavour of continuous testing mindset. This can help to delivery a more robust product with an early testing outputs. Hence this topic can help Tech leads, PO/BA, DevOps engineer & QAs to bring right change in their software delivery model.

Presentation Abstract

DevTestOps – How to amulgamate Testing with DevOps

What is continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is a key element in successfully implementation of DevOps pipeline.

Continuous Testing is one of several continuous activities that should take place simultaneously in a DevOps pipeline, including Continuous Build, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Deployment.

DevTestOps = DevOps + Continuous Testing

How to introduce Continuous Testing with CI/CD pipelines?

One way that DevOps teams do Continuous Testing is by shifting integration testing to the left of its usual position in the delivery pipeline so that it occurs as close as possible to the build process and this shift left happens through progressive test automation scripts, which means your testing stages start in parallel to development stage. TDD and BDD are good example of doing progressing testing.

Tools & Frameworks which help in Continuous Testing?

Cucumber, JBehave , Karate , TestLeft , SpecFlow , BeanSpec , JDave etc