Isaac Perez Moncho
Head of Infrastructure
Lending Works

Isaac helps companies build high-performing teams and systems.
He believes in hypothesis-driven, systems thinking, and human factors; these shape how he thinks and approaches engineering challenges, from individual projects to roadmaps and strategic work.
As a manager, nothing beats creating an environment that empowers engineers to deliver high-impact work they are proud of.
During his career, Isaac has worked in small consultancies and large corporations.  Coming from the sysadmin, data-centre operations and using what will be known as DevOps principles until moving to a formal DevOps role at a fintech startup, in which he moved to a DevOps manager role. He is currently working as Head of Infrastructure at Lending Works.


‘Design Thinking tools for boosting DevOps culture’

A core tenet of the DevOps ethos is collaboration, yet DevOps teams struggle to collaborate with other teams and drive a collaborative culture within the company. Thinking about the platform as a product and using Design Thinking tools, can help DevOps teams improve collaboration, and play a central role in transitioning towards greater collaboration
We will see three simple techniques that can be effectively used to increase collaboration, have a higher engagement from internal customers, and improve the user experience for the platform tools.