James Woolfenden

Bridgecrew Solution Architect
Palo Alto Networks

A Veteren DevOps practitioner and technologist, with over 20 years of full life-cycle experience. I’ve worked in many fields and scales, from small start-ups to very highest traffic websites. A specialist in software build, continuous integration/deployment and cloud environment provisioning in fact everything to improve, secure and speed up development team output. I bring order and process to chaotic development environments, enabling prompt, stable, high quality secure software and managed deployments.

Hands-on with Checkov: Prevent Misconfigurations in the Cloud

In recent years, infrastructure as code (IaC) has gained in popularity to make cloud deployments more scalable and immutable. When leveraged with security in mind, it can also help prevent bad configurations upstream. In this session, we cover a simple method to write, test, and maintain infrastructure at scale using policy-as-code with Checkov. We will go over use cases Checkov covers, ways you can integrate it into your day-to-day processes, and show you how to take the most advantage of policy-as-code.

Hosting Workshop

DevSecOps in Practice: Culture, Processes, Tools

Cloud security in most dev environments is broken. With ever-changing environments, engineers focused on features, and DevOps enabling incredible agility, traditional cloud security can’t keep up. In this workshop, we’ll explore practical and strategic ways to align engineering and security practices with DevOps-friendly tooling and mutually beneficial processes.