Javier Senosiain

Head of Technology Solutions
Virgin WIFI (VMB)

Javier Senosiain is Head of technology solutions for Virgin WiFi (VMB). Javi has over 20 years of experience designing and building large networks for MNO and Telco’s in the UK. Having hold positions at Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, H3G, BNP Paribas, Arqiva and Virgin Media in his career started with traditional project management and Waterfall methodologies approach to projects, late turn into creating and delivering software platforms and technologies supporting millions of customers and key connectivity services in the UK.

Javier’s career reflects a journey towards DevOps, and a proposal for a happy marriage between the traditional approach with the DevOps culture to deliver best services for customers in large telecom companies.


Deepak Selvaraj

Director, DevOps and Quality Engineering
Engine Group

Deepak is a thought leader in DevSecOps and Quality Engineering space. He is an active contributor to the tech community hosting and participating in multiple workshops and conferences globally. In his current role with ENGINE transformation, he is working with major public and private sector customers to enable their DevOps journey with a clear focus on quality and value metrics at every stage of the  (people, process, platforms) transformation.

Prior to Engine; Deepak has been leading Virgin Media’s B2B DevOps and QE teams where his team owned multiple cloud platforms responsible to serve 500+ million end users every month across 120,000 public and private customer venues. Over the past 10 years he has been working with multiple major private and public sector customers such as BT, Arqiva, AT&T, UK regional airports, NHS and has been a key contributor to Openstack platform development.

Deepak also holds a master’s degree in Future computing at University of Kent with major focus on cloud security and artificial intelligence.

Top 8 Challenges to lookout for in the Journey of getting ITIL and DevOps to co-exist!

“We aren’t doing ITIL any more – we’re Agile/DevOps team now”. “We will automate and orchestrate everything.” “ITIL is too slow and too much documentation for us.” “We’re far too process driven and formal to do DevOps – it won’t happen here.” “We don’t allow changes in the platform without monthly CAB review”

Though it is not very common in small scale or start-up companies, we often hear such varying opinions in leading large scaled tech industries around DevOps and IT Service Management. In this session, we will look at the top 8 challenges organisations (mostly medium to large scale) need to look out for during the transition.

The teams are often pitched against each other quite strongly to choose one or the other – so we are either a DevOps team or an ITIL team.  The same applies to any new concepts that is being brought into the IT market such as Digital Transformation, Agile, Lean etc.

In this session myself and Javier collectively will present 8 key challenges we faced within our organisations and steps we managed to take to resolve them. Continuously reminding ourselves, our partners and our teams the mantra “Transformation is not an destination; it is a journey and it has to be continuous”