Jihai Zhou
DevOps Platfrom Senior Architect

Jihai graduated from Imperial College London as a PhD and started to work on DevOps from 2012 as the DevOps Lead/Champion in Barclays bank in the UK. His experience covers implementing DevOps tooling, leading the Technology transformation, managing DevOps teams, running DevOps Community and defining DevOps standard. In 2016, he joined HSBC London headquarter as the DevOps Champion and was transferred to HSBC Technology China in March 2018 to lead DevOps transformation for 1500+ HSBC Technology employees. In 2018, Jihai started to focus on DevSecOps transformation through implementing DevSecOps tools (SAST, DAST/IAST, FOSS) at different development process stages, as well as establishing DevSecOps assessment models and promoting DevSecOps culture.

The Challenge and Solution to Implement DevSecOps