Jitander Kapil

Head of DevOps and QA
Larson & Toubro

Mr. JItander Kapil is Head of DevOps in Larson & Toubro, India and providing IT Governance & Leadership for DevOps, Automation, Security & Releases.

In his 20 years of professional experience, Mr Kapil has worked in multiple industries including Banking, Casino/Gaming, E-Commerce, Telecom, CRM, and many more in various roles. He has established large IT services and Delivery Units.He is Passionate about new technologies, DevOps frameworks, microservices, and container orchestration.

DevOps pipelines in the world of Serverless Applications

Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model for event-triggered applications and usually fully managed by vendor hosts such as AWS Lambda. This approach is also called Function as a Service (FaaS). Applications that rely on this approach of Serverless need a new approach to software architecture design and software development workflow for DevOps automation practices.

The goal of this Abstract is to implement DevOps pipeline for a Serverless application for fintech application and evaluate the results of implementation. This is done through design, review where the result artifact is a release pipeline designed and implemented according to the requirements for a new API project in the case organization. The result of the study is an automated DevOps pipeline with implemented Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Monitoring practices required for the case project. Though Serverless is simpler as it reduces the time on the management and maintenance of the servers but DevOps pipeline and security is a challenge.

The discussion shows that the architecture of Serverless applications affects many DevOps automation practices such as test execution, deployment and monitoring of the application and summaries the decisions about source code repositories structure, mocking libraries and Infrastructure as Code(IaC) tools.