John Scott
DevOps Evangelist

John is a founder member of the DevOps movement in Verizon Enterprise Services. John created the blueprint and vision to start a small community in one of the Verizon lines of business. Leveraged gamification to reward and recognise desired best outcomes resulting in annual DevOps Cup competition being scaled out across the whole of Verizon.

Most latterly building out a TECMob movement focusing on 3 main tenets – Chapters & Guilds, Inner-sourcing and Evolutionary Architecture to further drive innovative solutions by empowering Verizons’ diverse Engineering community

John also has responsibility for a number of squads in the billing space where he incubates and trials best practices that feed the DevOps movement across all of Verizon


How Building DevEX Fuels a Best-In-Class Workplace and Drives Innovative Solutions

Verizon 2.0 is on the horizon, and it calls for a new way to work. Because it takes an active community to accelerate change, a small group of program managers joined forces to form the TECmob initiative to empower over 10K engineers from a diverse pool of expertise and passions. Our most valuable resource is our people; they are our fast track to transformation. Through, TECMob we focus on 3 main tenets:

  • Innersourcing
  • Evolutionary Architecture
  • Chapters & Guilds

The talk will help the audience understand the power of the community and how this can help deliver significant costs savings when developing innovative software solutions