Jonathan Rigby
Head Of Engineering

Jonathan is an experienced manager and leader of a number of teams. A former developer who moved into a Tech Lead role over 12 years ago, he has a wide range of experience of managing a variety of teams both onshore and offshore, across a number of industries. He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Management Institute and a strong advocate of employee engagement initiatives. In his spare time he is a keen Open Water Swimmer and competes in an occasional triathlon.


Title: Sleeping with the enemy: How to work well with your Product Manager

Abstract: The actual work you do and who you do it with, as a software engineer will be a key part of your happiness and engagement at work.

Most teams work alongside a Product Manager/Owner and they will often determine what work is done, when it is done and even how it is done.

This talk looks at the challenges when working with someone who may have different ideas, different motivations and may not understand many of the complexities of software engineering.

You will learn that using empathy, reciprocity and other ways of working you can have a great working relationship with your PM that will be mutually beneficial