Kazim Rizvi

Lead Cloud DevOps Specialist/Architect



DevOps – Cloud Adoption

Kazim will outline challenges that should be taken under consideration while choosing development and operational technologies for adopting any cloud platform. His main focus will be on Security and Compliance, Horizontal vs Vertical Transformation deployments, Code Portability to multiple platforms, Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment, Code Repository, App Servers, InfraStructure as Code and Expenses/Bill.

He will elaborate challenges; that any small to big organisation has to face, while deciding to utilise the benefits of cloud platform but also keeping the code base cloud platform independent.


Rizvi has started his career as a programmer and has deep interest in technology. His career has evolved from Dev to DevOPS so a technology and has broad experience in programming languages like C++, .NET, JAVA, Python and Ansible, Cloud Formation Template and Terraform on infrastructure end. Kazim has gained knowledge working from large organization to very small startups. Sky, HP, HSBC, Travelodge Hotels are few names and now a day is part of Sainsburys Big Data Initiatives.
Other than this, Kazim loves to do robotics and Android programming with his kids at home. What Kazim don’t know is hell a lot of wonderful world and seeking trips to different places of the world to know the people and cultures. Finally, he is part vegetarian so plants should be slightly concerned about this.