Keith Ford

Senior Quality Engineer

I am passionate about creating good software. From QA point of view I believe a pro-active rather than reactive approach is best. This leads me in getting involved in helping to create good mechanisms and processes for the gathering and creation of specifications and requirements because I believe the better you get at doing this the fewer problems are seen on the release end of a development cycle, no matter what development technique your using.

I generally consider my self as very knowledgeable in the art of test automation, where I have worked with a number of open source and licensed tool including but not limited to: watir, selenium and watir webdrivers, test complete, ranorex, and others. I also believe automation is essential if you are to try to undertake agile development. I also believe the advantages of automation go far beyond just creating a test framework for checking, and can give you much more when used correctly in the full development life cycles. An example being living documentation.

I pride myself on being able to talk to developers, product owners, and even the users in a language they can understand in order to be able to gather requirements or investigate reported problems.