Keith Watson

Director of DevOps

A highly proficient senior manager with 30 years of experience at all levels of software development, test, quality assurance, infrastructure and customer support. 16 years management experience working in an international organisation building software development teams in India, Eastern Europe and Russia. Responsible for ensuring the successful executive approval of product plans, assessing and recruiting top talent, implementing business strategy, managing portfolio risk, reshaping corporate culture and restructuring organisations for efficiency and effectiveness. Now seeking the next rewarding opportunity to make a successful impact as an executive in a client focused team.

The Role of DevOps and Agile Practices in Digital and Cultural Transformation

As companies implement Agile practices, it soon becomes apparent that a definition of done of just delivering software into test at the end of a sprint is not really the full intent of the original Agile Manifesto. Here DevOps and Continuous Delivery can help Agile truly achieve a definition of done which delivers minimum viable products to the users of software products (be they internal or external customers). Using examples and experiences from two companies, one private sector and one government, this presentation will present some ideas on how DevOps can help with this digital and cultural agile transformation within an organisation including real stories of the challenges in gaining stakeholder buy-in from across the business.