Keith Watson

Director of DevOps iHCM



Building Momentum: Taking DevOps from idea to reality

How do you plot a course from a monolithic product design with legacy build and deployment processes to a continuous delivery process into the cloud for API micro-services using DevOps tools and techniques? Starting with a clear vision and strategy for the specific outcomes using the “Everything as code” model has allowed us to put in place the technical and cultural building blocks for the permanent transformation of our delivery pipeline. While there is still work to be done, the early results have demonstrated the business value to various stakeholders and allowed us to gain credibility within the development and operations teams.


Keith has 30 years experience of leading software development, DevOps and operations teams. In his previous role. He led a project in Ordnance Survey which has helped transform the way environments are provisioned using a combination of culture change, DevOps, open source tools and changes to business processes. This project dramatically improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the provisioning service and was shortlisted for the Real IT Awards in 2016. Keith is now Director of DevOps for ADP UK for the iHCM product to promote continuous delivery and DevOps principles, patterns and tools within the development and operations teams. He has also spoken at various DevOps conferences and user groups.