Kendra Little
DevOps Evangelist

Kendra Little is a DevOps Evangelist at Redgate Software and a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server. She has been awarded the Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft seven times. Kendra has trained IT leaders, developers, and database administrators around the world on topics including performance tuning, preventing and managing incidents with business-critical databases, and optimizing operations and the software development cycle.


Why the Database is at the Heart of DevOps Success

DORA’s recognition of the critical importance of the database to DevOps in their 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report should act as a wake-up call to company leaders who organize database administrators and developers in separate silos. Crucially, the lead time from committing changes to being able to deploy them is less than one hour in the highest performing organizations – and between one and six months in low performers. In this talk we will share why Database DevOps enables high DevOps performance.

Hosting Workshop

How to Overcome the Top Barriers to Implementing Database DevOps

High performers at DevOps integrate database changes into their software delivery practices – but how do they do it? In this interactive workshop, you will learn what the top barriers are to implementing Compliant Database DevOps. For each obstacle, we will discuss the benefits and risks of multiple techniques that leaders use to overcome barriers and increase their organization’s ability to rapidly deliver value to customers.