Kim-Norman Sahm

Kubernetes Evangelist and Engineer


Kim-Norman Sahm is based in Germany and is one of D2iQ’s newest Day Two’ers. He joins us as a Kubernetes Evangelist and Senior Engineer. In an effort to open new possibilities for companies to improve their business efficiency and enhance the workflow, Kim’s ultimate goal is to modernise legacy Cloud-Native apps as quickly and efficiently as possible.


His previous experience includes developing a successful cloud-native consulting company from 3 to 60+ people and working as a cloud and solutions architect at companies like Deutsche Telekom and operational services GmbH & Co. KG in EMEA. His technical experience and expertise is focused around Cloud-Native technologies, infrastructure, and automation focused on day 2 operations. A couple of his most impressive achievements include building on one of the largest cloud infrastructure platforms in Germany and founding an open-source Kubernetes deployment framework.


When not living and breathing all things Open Source, Cloud-Native, DevOps, and Kubernetes related, Kim is a huge BBQ enthusiast and hobby brewer.


Best Practices for Implementing GitOps at Scale: The Move Towards Cloud-Native

The migration to multi cloud environments forces security and risk management leaders to rethink their network security architecture,” according to Gartner.

To be successful in your Cloud-Native journey organizations need to rethink the procedure of infrastructure and workload provisioning to a more declarative approach. A declarative approach with standardised workflows centered around GitOps can increase productivity, reliability, visibility, and reduces potential variables, which means smaller attack surfaces.

-Learn the benefits of Gitops and how the Kubernetes architecture makes GitOps a natural fit

– Explore best practices on how to implement a basic GitOps Kubernetes deployment operator at scale

– Find out how to get your jump start with CI/CD today!