Lou Manglass
Customer Success Engineer
Stack Overflow

Lou is a reformed Systems Administrator and former Geographic Information System architect. He has since moved from operating County 911 data centers to Fog Creek software, where he brought development and systems teams together to improve code quality and system reliability without sacrificing the existing security posture. He now works at Stack Overflow as a Customer Success Engineer. Today he helps teams both internal and external deliver faster issue resolutions through metrics, automation, and knowledge sharing.
Hosting Workshop

Co-hosting with Ben Popper

How to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing in DevOps

DevOps is not only about automation and continuous delivery. It is also about removing silos and improving collaboration between IT and development teams.  Many organisations struggle with building the right collaborative culture and framework in place to make knowledge sharing happen. Stack Overflow will provide insights on how organisations can remove knowledge silos and provide an easy way to share content and information across teams in the context of DevOps. An engaged internal developer community can drive product faster to market and reduce support burden dramatically. This reduces costs and delivery risks improving the experience of their critical audience driving transformation: developers.