Louise Elliott

Head of Technology



The Productivity Puzzle

How can we achieve productivity, innovation and creativity in our organisations?  Why does buying the latest DevOps tool not always lead to the increases in productivity which should be achievable?  How do we measure productivity and does it always make sense?  This talk delves into the world of motivation and culture to look at what we need to do to develop a highly productive work environment and the common mistakes which we make along the way.


Louise has worked in the software world for over 25 years as a developer, architect and manager.  She was an early adopter of agile techniques and has led the transformation to agile and lean ways of working in multiple organisations.  She is a huge believer in pragmatic agile approaches and in building true partnership between the business and IT.

Louise is one of the organisers of Agile in Leeds, a free community event for sharing ideas and sparking debates.  She writes a blog at louise-elliott.com and is a regular speaker at agile conferences.