Matthias Zieger

Technical Director


Matthias has been working in the IT industry for 25 years.  He has broad experience including roles in support, software development, architecture, test automation, application lifecycle management and DevOps for IBM, Borland, Microsoft and codecentric, among others. In recent years, he has helped large companies deliver software into production faster using release orchestration and deployment automation techniques from XebiaLabs.  His experiences cover Java EE environments to containers and cloud systems. At he helps large enterprises to achieve their goals in digital transformation through value stream management and value stream delivery as well as through the application of AI and ML methods.


Improve DevOps effectiveness with DORA metrics + AI

Accelerating delivery cycles through DevOps tools and practices is the topic of our time. In fact, according to the “Accelerate State of DevOps 2021” report by DORA, the percentage of organizations reporting “Elite” DevOps performance has grown by more than 370% from 2018 to 2021.


How can you measure and improve DevOps in your organization? The well-known DORA metrics are certainly a good first step, but for the “big leap” you need more than that….
Combining DORA metrics with analytics and AI/ML can help you release better quality software more frequently and enable reliable customer experiences. In this talk, Matthias will cover :

  • Introduction to DORA metrics and what they do (and don’t) tell you
  • Using analytics to understand not just “what” is occurring but why
  • How AI/ML models can help you identify and eliminate the root cause of DevOps risk factors
  • Automating Change and Release governance with metrics and AI/ML