Max Mongardini
DevOps Manager

With a professional background as a Linux Systems engineer, Max has developed strong abilities and interests in security, troubleshooting and high availability throughout his career. Max has often been exposed to the challenges of large infrastructures where automation, change management, order, communication and knowledge sharing were essential for the success of the services offered. In the past 6 years his focus shifted on building and leading DevOps and SRE teams whilst still maintaining a good technological insight.


EI Teams and Platforms

We can deny it as much as we like but we all are emotional individuals! We feel and interact with other peers’ feelings. How do we navigate that?
As managers, how can we define healthy boundaries where, without controlling, we can help our team to grow as engineers and individuals?
As engineers, how do we ensure that we feel productive, appreciated and happy to go to work? (Is that the dream job we are looking for?)
Join me in my ongoing journey of discovery of values and emotional intelligence and see how that even extends to the platforms and systems we manage.