Michael Winslow
Director, Core Applications

Michael Winslow picked up his love for programming when he was 10 years old writing GW-Basic code on his Tandy-1000. With his passion for designing simple solutions to complex problems, Michael has played key roles at companies like Aramark, Ortho-McNeil, Oracle and Xfinity Mobile. He is currently a DevOps advocate, Agile enthusiast, and dedicated people-leader for the Core Applications group at Comcast.


Is Your DevOps Team Ready For Microservices?

Listen closely. Close your eyes. I know you hear it coming. It’s the microservices buzz. Well, by now it is more of a quake.
I’ve been on 2 enterprise level microservices implementations. One was greenfield and the other was a migration from a FAT service. It turns out that the 2 easiest things to do when moving to microservices are to DECIDE to do it and to WRITE THE CODE. If you stick around after that, you better be ready for a ride!
I’d like to share my team’s story with anyone who is thinking about going down this path or who has experienced it themselves.