Michaela Kurkiewicz

Principal Digital Service Manager



Bringing DevOps to Enterprise organisations

Michaela Kurkiewicz offers an insight into journey of Co-Op over the last 2 years as it began its digital transformation. She’ll discuss the challenges encountered for operational and service management teams trying to support developers wanting to move to continuous delivery, balanced against the ways of working in large enterprises.

She’ll be talking about;

Creating platform patterns to improve the journey of progressing alphas to betas, and through to supported live services
Creating the capability to deploy often, whilst retaining stability
How the role of service management is evolving, and how to adapt Service management practices into a devops environment.


Michaela Kurkiewicz is a principal service manager at the Co-Op. She has spent the last two years working in the digital team to implement and run their first cloud-based infrastructure as code services, and has continued to build the patterns and support models to support alphas through to production ready services. Most recently Michaela has focussed on bringing devops and agile ways of working to life within the Co-op, navigating the complexities of new tools, techniques and practices in a traditionally on premise, waterfall enterprise IT environment.