Natalija Gucevska
Software Engineer

Natalija is software engineer at Facebook where she works on Facebook’s WW Web Enabled Simulation system. She graduated from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. During her master thesis, she worked on detecting outliers in historical financial data in the Swiss bank Swissquote.


Testing Facebook’s WW Simulation System, a Cyber-Cyber Digital Twin of the Facebook WWW Platform

We report on Facebook’s deployment of MIA (Metamorphic Interaction Automaton). MIA is used to test Facebook’s Web Enabled Simulation, built on a web infrastructure of hundreds of millions of lines of code. MIA tackles the twin problems of test flakiness and the unknowable oracle problem. It uses metamorphic testing to automate continuous integration and regression test execution. MIA also plays the role of a test bot, automatically commenting on all relevant changes submitted for code review. It currently uses a suite of over 40 metamorphic test cases. Even at this extreme scale, a non–trivial metamorphic test suite subset yields outcomes within 20 minutes (sufficient for continuous integration and review processes). Furthermore, our offline mode simulation reduces test flakiness from approximately 50% (of all online tests) to 0% (offline). Metamorphic testing has been widely-studied for 22 years. This paper is the first reported deployment into an industrial continuous integration system.

Facebook’s Cyber–Cyber and Cyber–Physical Digital Twins Testing Web Enabled Simulation at Scale Using Metamorphic Testing WES: Agent-based User Interaction Simulation on Real Infrastructure