Nihal Sequeira
Enterprise Sales Executive
Stack Overflow

Nihal Sequeira is at Stack Overflow based in London, responsible for sales of their popular developer knowledge sharing platform for enterprises in the UK/EMEA region.
Prior to Stack, Nihal was at Symantec and Veritas, global software companies in key technology sales roles. Nihal is also a subject matter expert in LegalTech with a decade of experience in litigation consulting. Nihal started his career with early stage tech startups in Los Angeles and San Francisco and has been living in London since 2013. He is also active in the UK startup market as a mentor/advisor.

Hosting Workshop

Co-hosting with Chris Martin

How to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing in DevOps

DevOps is not only about automation and continuous delivery. It is also about removing silos and improving collaboration between IT and development teams.  Many organisations struggle with building the right collaborative culture and framework in place to make knowledge sharing happen. Stack Overflow will provide insights on how organisations can remove knowledge silos and provide an easy way to share content and information across teams in the context of DevOps. An engaged internal developer community can drive product faster to market and reduce support burden dramatically. This reduces costs and delivery risks improving the experience of their critical audience driving transformation: developers.