Paul Imre

Founder & Keynote Speaker
Imre Ltd

I am an advocate for the beneficial use of AI-based technologies to improve the customer experience. In certain domains, the nebulous concept of AI has been transformed into a set of tools and techniques that can make a real difference. The time for chatbots and conversational AI has arrived. I help customers exploit these new methods for improved business performance.

Data Protection & Privacy is a Waste of Time, Yes?


But do read on and come along.

Can you stay awake when someone starts talking about GDPR? Isn’t this stuff that gets in the way of breathing? Don’t we just have to pay lip service and hack things around a bit to keep the auditors happy?

This is not a talk but a group session to light a fire under you. Yes, I am talking about you. You came to DevOps to make a difference, and sometimes we need to operate at the cultural level to lead those around us to make a difference. This stuff matters, and we can expect a backlash soon. So you might want to get ahead of the curve.

Like carrion birds, we will pick over the carcass of a disaster to learn some important lessons. But, trust me, you do not want to be creating a case study like this on your watch.