Petar Chardakov

Project Manager

A highly motivated and business-oriented professional from LSBU. I have practical experience in project, program management and digital marketing. I enjoy growing in a fast-paced environment and I am easily adaptable to new situations. Constantly curious to ask appropriate questions that drive results and motivate team members to challenge the status quo.

Having worked in a few start-ups I am self-driven and keen to pursue my interest within technology and AI further.

At EEMA Petar is responsible for the high-level management of projects, programmes and other initiatives and activities. He is also in charge of the project management of the EU project operations. He helps Lorraine Spector with strategy, communications. A graduate of London South Bank University, he has an extensive marketing background in the tech sector. His certifications include Computer Science from Stanford University, most of the programming languages and project management from Google Creative Campus.

Overcoming the barriers for digital transformation in 2022

Facilitating transformation in large-scale projects.

Is having educated policy makers worth it?

How do you assemble the right team?

What makes it easier to transform?

Lack of effective change management.

Training education, PM, co-creation, knowledge sharing, trust is only a few of the important pieces of the puzzle to execute a successful transformation.