Pooja Priyadarshini
Release Train Engineer, Agile Program Manager
Delta Airlines

16 years of Core IT experience in delivering value to customer across multiple regions in US and EMEA. Certified SAFe agilist. Transformation specialist from waterfall to LEAN-AGILE at organization level. Hands on DEVOPS practitioner across various technology stacks. Organizing change and managing risks for continuous flow of Value Streams. Identifying & optimizing solution capabilities & leading the charge for relentless organizational improvement. Acting as an agent of change, coaching leaders & key players in Business & IT through the challenges of organizational transformation.


DevOps : a culture shift

When we talk about DevOps we generally think of automated process, app modernization, cloud and delivery pipelines. But the system alone cannot lead us to become an efficient DevOps transformation in an organization, it needs much more than that, DevOps is a culture where the entire organization comes together, works together and delivers together.
The most challenging aspect of DevOps is not tool selection and training people to use the tools, its how people work together, understand their contribution and roles, why each persons success is imperative in winning at DevOps transformation. It also involves having a transparent conversations, facing into honest feedback loops and continuously improving. Measuring people and processes quantitively & qualitatively & celebrating successes together as ONE team.

The mindset shift of being one organization breaking the hierarchies, being fearless and truly owning the systems. Empowering teams. Ability to adapt to the changing need of the market with minimal discomfort and overhauling the systems all the while reducing ripple effect. Self-contained pockets of change & creating valuable, reusable digital assets.

Common thinking is that DevOps as a technology overhaul that is intended to get first to the market but how? DevOps is people, process, and tools, in that order. When it comes to changing culture, people and process, followed by tools, are the top priorities for achieving a successful DevOps transformation.