Elizabeth O’Neill
Head of Projects and Change
Charities Aid Foundation 

I run towards fires, I love hard problems and difficult challenges. I thrive on helping people do things that they thought were impossible and watching them reach their potential. After over 20 years of leading technical teams, projects and change I know that people are the key to everything.

I have had the pleasure of helping some exceptional people do extraordinary things. I’ve supported people new to management grow and develop into phenomenal leaders. I’ve helped people gain a greater understanding of what they want from their career and how to balance this with other areas of their life. I’ve helped entrepreneurs and senior executives focus on the important things to grow their businesses and I’ve helped people understand what is really important to them.

I have a real passion for inspiring people to reach their full potential while maintaining life balance. I’m committed to shifting business culture: one person and one business at a time as the one size fits all approach to leadership development no longer works.”

Keith Watson,
Director of DevOps

A highly proficient senior manager with 30 years of experience at all levels of software development, test, quality assurance, infrastructure, and customer support. 16 years management experience working in an international organisation building software development teams in India, Eastern Europe, and Russia. Responsible for ensuring the successful executive approval of product plans, assessing, and recruiting top talent, implementing business strategy, managing portfolio risk, reshaping corporate culture and restructuring organisations for efficiency and effectiveness. Now seeking the next rewarding opportunity to make a successful impact as an executive in a client focused team.

Luke Hedger
Senior lead Engineer
The Lego Group

Luke is a seasoned software engineer who has worked at all layers of the stack. He is currently leading an engineering team at the LEGO Group, building the serverless payments platform that powers LEGO.com and other business units. Previously, he led a serverless team at Cancer Research UK. Luke is an AWS Community Builder and shares his knowledge with the tech community via blogs, workshops, and talks.