Richard Hodgson

Technical Manager
Synack Inc.

Richard Hodgson is Sales Manager for the UKI region at Synack, Inc. Prior to Synack Richard held Strategic Account Manager roles at Nettitude and NCC Group. With over 10 years experience in cyber security, Richards experience spans both blue and red team postures, frameworks such as CBEST, TIBER and NIS as well as understanding of compliance drivers for PCI, ISO27001 and GDPR. From Cyber Essentials to full Red Team, there isn’t much Richard hasn’t worked around. He is a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University and currently resides in York England.

Synack — empowering DevOps with continuous testing

The existing model for security testing focuses at the end of the development lifecycle. Once a test is done it’s hard to patch-verify and keep up to date with an ever changing vulnerability landscape.

Synack aims to put DevOps in control with continuous, crowd-sourced penetration testing. In this session you’ll learn about Synack’s:

  • Security by design, not at the end of the process
  • Continuous testing throughout a systems lifecycle
  • Real time vulnerability reporting and analysis