Rick Allan
Head of Capability Improvement
Zurich Insurance

Rick has been working in IT & associated projects for over thirty years, half of which has been for Zurich Insurance. Having started out in mainframes he moved through PC applications & support into projects, programs & portfolio management. After years of tradition IT Project Management, he moved into global project delivery assurance role ensuring large, complex projects were delivering their promised benefit. As certain issues kept repeating themselves within these projects, his role changed to lead the organisation in embracing the Agile Scrum methodology. As this matured, it grew to encompass DevOps, both from a technical and organisational perspective, evaluating how and where this technological shift could and should be used.


Agile & DevOps – Natural Evolution?

In this presentation Rick will talk about the issue encountered on the journey from traditional development practices through to the new paradigm of Agile and DevOps. This will largely explore the human elements of the changes as there are a number of similar issues that appear across both spheres. And while the organisations, industry, technology & tooling may be very different, humans tend to be very similar…