Ryan Hird

DevOps Engineer

Ryan is a DevOps Engineer at Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited. He has over nine years of experience building and delivering software within Financial Services, with more than half of this time spent focusing specifically on DevOps. He is responsible for embedding best practices and advocating DevOps processes across teams to ensure smooth delivery of value to customers.

Going From Zero to Production in 5 Minutes With Templates

As more teams deconstruct their monoliths’ the prevailing solution has been to turn to microservices. For each new microservice, you get a new build and a new deployment process, plus a myriad of other things. But here is the problem, if ten teams build ten different services, they will likely take ten different approaches to solve the same problem.

What if we could take a simple, consistent approach?
What if developers no longer had to fight with builds and deployments and could spend all their time on value-add features?
What if we could bake all our best practices into reusable templates?

In this session, we will walk through how to build templates that do all of this, with support for multiple languages, platforms, and tools.