Sam Hill
Head of Software Engineering

Sam Hill has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of software creation and is the Head of Software Engineering at the BBC – to primarily empower others to succeed in theirs. He leads a team of over 300 engineers that are creating the BBC Platform of the future ready for the next generation – spanning five core areas – Editorial (News/Sport), Distribution, Media (iPlayer/Sounds), Audience (accounts) and Archive – which together enables the entire lifecycle of the BBC’s output reaching 92% of the UK Adult population each week, streams over 300 million programmes every month; allows 40 million people to have a personalised experience, whilst preserving all of the BBC’s output for future generations into one of the world’s largest Digital Archives. Before joining the BBC, Sam spent 9 years in retail – Tesco as Head of Solution Architecture and Marks and Spencer, as Head of Platform Technologies.


Enabling collaboration through story telling.

Successful DevOps depends on people working and effectively collaborating together. Achieving effective collaboration can be really hard. What could be done differently to improve collaboration between people and help teams work as teams instead of collections of individuals? Sam will be sharing some tips and ideas from his 20+ years of software engineering which can help others.