Sami Rahman
Head of Data Engineering & Data Platform
Penguin Random House

Sami Rahman is the Head of Data Engineering & Data Platform at Penguin Random House. He is a Psychologist, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer passionate about strategic transformation using data and technology as the enablers. Sami exploits modern cloud technologies and best practice to ensure that the team are a pillar of innovation and enablement for the business. Sami is constantly looking for new technology, new ways of doing things, and optimising for the future. his mission is to democratise data to make intelligent and automated decisions faster and novel whilst using human in the loop innovation to keep up with changing market demands


Title: Our Story: From Burning to Bleeding Edge, From Waterfall to Ops

Synopsis: This presentation will look at the journey embarked on changing the culture and data technology at PRH. How the move to the modern data stack helped enable the culture shift to an DataOps and DevOps model with the lessons learnt and challenges along the way.