Sergio Romera
Senior Sales Engineer

With over 25 years experience in IT, development, database administration, solution architecture and presales, Sergio Romera is a specialist in databases.
Having previously worked for Quest, Oracle and BNPParibas, Sergio has been responsible for delivering major IT projects for a wide range of organisations.
Sergio’s current focus as Senior Sales Engineer at EnterpriseDB is helping organisations to build High Availability database solutions while optimising for high performance.

Hosting Workshop

DevOps automation with Postgres

Ansible or Terraform for your Postgres deployments? What about Kubernetes? Is this a list of industry buzzwords? Yes and No. These are hot topics, but this isn’t just a list of buzzwords.

This is a two-part workshop; the 1st will provide some practical considerations when it comes to automating Postgres deployments options, including live demonstrations and configuration walkthroughs. The 2nd half will deep dive into how Kubernetes can help to manage Postgres databases, how to deploy Postgres in a Kubernetes platform and the various features that should be considered.