Simon Norrington

Principal Solution Architect for Test Management EMEA

I am Simon Norrington, a Solution Architect at Tricentis. I have been at Tricentis for over 5 years and currently provide support on our Test Management Platform. I have over 15 years’ experience working in QA and I am constantly trying to understand what in testing needs and can be changed to create better software with higher quality.

Test automation reaches a DevOps tipping point

For years, organizations have only automated about 20% of their total test suites, on average. A new survey conducted by Tricentis & TechWell shows that a major increase in test automation rates occurred in 2020 — along with a significant shift in the way testing is perceived.

Join us to learn how testing has changed, new approaches out there like contract tests, feature flags, release on demand, collaboration across teams, and the key insights that can help you accelerate your organization’s journey to DevOps and test automation maturity.

We will cover:

  • How (and why) test automation reached a tipping point in 2020
  • New approaches to testing
  • How major shifts in the way we work have affected the role of testing, how testers spend their time, and more