Spyridon (Σπυρίδων) Maniotis

Head of DevOps

Spyridon Maniotis is the Head of DevOps at Capco, working with DevOps transformations in the financial services industry. Prior to this position, he worked for more than 10 years in Software Engineering and Operations, among others at Danske Bank, Deloitte Consulting, Nordea Bank and Ericsson. He is well rounded and seasoned across DevOps, SRE, SDLC, Cloud Native, Technology Strategy, IT Service Management and Operations, Compliance as well as Agile Methodologies; with experience both from the industry, as well as consulting.


Title: Creating a “multi speed” incumbent bank using Devops practices

Abstract: New industry entrants put extreme competitive pressure on incumbent banks, in an era of digital services disruptions. The latter, opposed to greenfield industry new entrants are required to cope with a great amount of legacy from processes to technology and from culture to policies, which slows down their digital engineering and DevOps journeys. How can DevOps and SRE practises help institutional banks to create what we call a competitive “2 speeds bank”. The session will provide proven practices which are derived by real implementations in the financial services industry; backed up by real lessons learned.