Spyridon (Σπυρίδων) Maniotis

Spyridon (Σπυρίδων) Maniotis
Head of DevOps

Spyridon Maniotis is the Head of DevOps at Capco, working with DevOps transformations in the financial services industry. Prior to this position, he worked for more than 10 years in Software Engineering and Operations, among others at Danske Bank, Deloitte Consulting, Nordea Bank and Ericsson. He is well rounded and seasoned across DevOps, SRE, SDLC, Cloud Native, Technology Strategy, IT Service Management and Operations, Compliance as well as Agile Methodologies; with experience both from the industry, as well as consulting.


Creating a common DevOps Operating Model for your enterprise: Opportunities and Challenges; inspired by cases studies from the financial services industry

On scaling DevOps fast and tactically, a common DevOps enterprise operating model can be proven a game-changer for your organization. But how can you become prescriptive and work towards harmony, while you need to cater for technological complexity, different ways of working, business criticality differences, DevOps maturity variations, conflicting stakeholder interest and an ever-evolving regulatory demand? The session will outline opportunities and challenges during this journey, backed by lessons learnt from DevOps adoptions in the financial services industry.